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“They open doors no-one else can see”

COO Reckitt Benckiser

Innovation success is more than just tools, techniques and IP. It’s about the smart application of all of those things, tailored to your business context that makes the difference. We know where to look for the opportunities with the potential to transform your future, and how to make them happen - it’s what we do.

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Why Emotion Matters

Emotional intelligence is what separates man from machine. Get it right, and we can connect with anyone in a genuine way, generate whole new industries, and not just survive the automation revolution, but thrive within it.

Innovation in Action February 2019

This month, big brands experiment with novel sustainability models, healthy eating trends and alcohol-free cocktails. Meanwhile, startups push the envelope, swapping alt ‘milks’ for camel ice cream and alcohol-lite for cannabidiol-rich concoctions.

What is Design Thinking, really?

We all want to live in a beautiful, effortless world, where everything works like it was made just for us. It’s not surprising, then, that Design Thinking is having a resurgence.