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Innovate for purchase and consumption

Food case studies
Peijnenburg FMCG Innovation


Creating an appetite for growth.

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Innovate for trial and change

Drink case studies
Weetabix FMCG Innovation

Weetabix protein drinks

The pace of breakfast is changing.

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Innovate for freshness and quality

Retail case studies
M&S FMCG Innovation

M&S food on the move

M&S Food on the Move goes truly distinctive.

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Innovate for now and the future

Home case studies
Vanish FMCG Innovation

Vanish Oxy Action

Uncovering a new user group.

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Innovate for distinctive and wow

Healthcare case studies
Broncho Stop FMCG Innovation


Creating a big bang launch with award winning results.

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Personal Care

Innovate for developed and emerging markets

Personal Care case studies
Dettol Cool FMCG Innovation

Dettol Cool

Understanding consumers’ needs globally.

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Know your challenge, generate your success


Start with the right innovation challenge

Identify and define

Pinpoint the type of innovation needed and plan


Focus on insights that you can do something with

Actionable insights

Cut through the noise and find the differentiating nuggets


Develop winners that can be commercially exploited

Let's talk money

Real business opportunity, viable commercial success


Energise the business into action

Inspire and motivate

Create momentum and recruit supporters


The latest tools for innovation success

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Global FMCG Innovation
Country and market specific innovation

Real issues driving bottom-line value in any market, across a range of sectors, across a range of countries.

Global FMCG Innovation

What's Happening - latest news and events

Mythbusting to mass adoption: making packaging more sustainable

We spoke to Luca Zerbini, Head of Marketing, Innovation and Sustainability for global packaging leader Amcor, about the challenges...

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Innovation in Action January 2019

Innovation in Action: the insider’s guide to the insights and ideas impacting your world. Fed by curiosity for all...

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Innovation in Action – End of year round up

Innovation in action: the insider’s guide to the insights and ideas impacting your world. Spotted by the people who...

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Putting sustainability knowledge at shoppers’ fingertips

We met with James Hand, co-founder of sustainable shopping app Giki, to understand his story,  the challenges for app-based...

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