Home care

What does the home mean to today’s consumer? The dynamics are changing as millennials and Generation Z begin to demand different things, at different price points. One thing still hasn’t changed – everyone wants a germ-free, clean home. Our insights and innovations help brands respond to these complexities in an agile, efficient way.

“What sets Happen apart from everyone else is a genuine interest in the categories we work in, a unique approach to running innovation sessions and top-scoring concept creation.”

Executive Vice President, Reckitt Benckiser

£500m bright idea for Vanish

How can more people be persuaded to buy stain remover? Insight told us customers mainly care about keeping whites white. So we split the product into two offerings, with one just for the whites wash. White packaging and evocative language, such as ‘crystal white’, completed the new look. The result? A £500m increase in revenue.

Reckitt Benckiser cleans up

The cleaning product market was flat. Our year-long analysis showed deep cleans relate to a family’s social calendar. ‘Spring cleans’ don’t just happen at spring. They also happen at Christmas and before and after the school holidays. The answer? Use the right message and deal at the right time, then wait. The result was a 17% increase in sales with no new product development.

Ecover’s new look

How can people be persuaded to ‘go green’? Our emotional analytics insights revealed a wide variety of new groups desperately wanting to make a difference to the planet. Recyclable or chemical-free products were just as important to new mums or hairdressers that work with chemical all day, as environmentalists. These insights led to an entirely new digital strategy and a deeper understanding of new markets.