Beauty, health and self-care trends are converging to provide boundless opportunities to innovate in this expanding market. One trend holds true across generations: personalisation. We’ve helped brands appeal to younger markets by launching beautifully designed OTC goods, and reached older markets by emphasising our body’s unique needs at different stages in life.

“Happen didn’t disappoint – they helped us understand the shopper and inspired our plans for the future. Working with them has given us greater focus, and enabled us to engage the trade too.”

Head of Commercial Strategy, Perrigo

A glowing relaunch for Ellactiva

How can a health supplement be repositioned to crack a wider market? Insights showed key ingredient collagen was flying high among millennials. We shifted the emphasis to collagen, and related lifestyle benefits such as energy, bone health and vitamin C. Add a total packaging redesign guided by us, and the rebranded beauty vitamin went global.

Broncho-Stop sales soar

Our insights showed overwhelming cough medicine options prevent busy buyers from making a purchase. So we made their decision obvious. Highlighting on the box that it works “for all coughs” took Broncho-Stop to the number two UK spot, with one pack sold every ten seconds.

Nestle bets on baby boomers

Nestle wanted to go after the UK baby boomer market, with a product for over 70s. Our insights showed an active lifestyle is important to people in their 50s. By rebranding with an emphasis on ‘healthy ageing’, energy and our body’s need for differing protein levels at different stages in life, Meritene’s soups and shakes became an authoritative million-pound health brand.