Food & Drink

Margins are tight in this crowded consumer market, so companies need to respond quickly to changes in consumer behaviour. Over the last decade we’ve helped some of the world’s biggest food and drinks brands enter new categories, defending against niche players while growing their offering.

“Happen understood our consumers and strategy, simplifying it for an engaging ideation workshop, translating the outputs into solid concepts. The result? Product innovations that work and a pipeline full of new ideas.”

Innovation Manager, Mondelez

Building a new brand for Premier Foods

Premier wanted to create a healthy lifestyle brand with specific Gen Y appeal. Our tailored generational insights showed an influential Gen Y cohort that connects to healthy eating when it’s a wholly positive, joyous experience that nourishes and energises mind and body. Enter Plantastic, a visually vibrant line of snacking foods that simply hero the delicious and nutritious power of plant ingredients. Beautiful design, nutrition and taste in one.

Beefeater launch Blood Orange

How do heritage brands stand out in the fast-growing gin market, when more niche players enter everyday? From fragrances to speakeasies, we analysed 63,000 blog posts and product, venue and menu reviews to understand what was driving consumer excitement across related categories. The result? Beefeater Blood Orange launched within one year using existing distillery capabilities

Big ideas, small changes for Cadbury

Mondelez research uncovered an underserved target audience for 300g chocolate bars: men that want quality, solo, relaxation time. But was it worth the new factory investment? Our team engineered a series of simple production tweaks that gave an existing factory the potential to choose from 100 new formulas. A variety of textures and inclusions, from whole nuts to biscuits, led to a whole new range.