Consumer Electronics

The ways in which we communicate, consume media and run our homes is changing apace with the advent of emerging technologies. We help brands adapt: modifying communications in real time during product launches, tweaking future products based on globally or locally relevant insights, and planning strategies decades in advance based on evolving behaviours.

O2 stops phoning it in

What makes pay-as-you-go mobile customers so fickle? Our insights showed this same market is loyal to brands such as Nando’s. Bonuses including free refills were seen as a mark of appreciation and respect. A new plan that rewards rather than ignores was launched in 2012, with the best PAYG deals linked to loyalty.

On the pulse with Samsung

We captured the conversation around the S7, Note7 and S8 launches by tracking live reactions online. Combining our insights with reviews in the three weeks following release allowed us to rapidly shift the emphasis to features consumers really cared about. The result? Relevant communications based on real-time feedback.

JDE jumps ahead

How will people be making coffee in 2025? Our insights on changing consumer habits and the technologies impacting them uncovered new areas of product development in the single-serve coffee market. The result? A concept and technology roadmap, along with minimal viable product recommendations. JDE’s teams are using these predictions to futureproof coffee machines in a competitive landscape