Beauty & Personal care

The fast-moving beauty sector is being propelled by macro-trends, from natural and chemical-free to the self-care movement. We go beyond trends, revealing the real consumer desires and motivations driving them to give a deeper understanding of the entire market. It means the innovations you produce will genuinely connect with customers – and last.

“Starmaker’s approach to exploring different consumer emotions is clearly new and different. Showing what drives frustration and excitement is a great way to help marketing teams to prepare their next NPD launches, develop relevant CRM communications and even collate relevant consumer-led social media content and marketing campaigns.”

Group CMI, L’Oréal

L’Oreal’s JOMO moment

Demand for face masks was spiking, but no one knew why. Our insights from 105,000 public reviews revealed their application had become a social event among Gen Z and millennials. A narrative made up of 11 trends - from DIY to the ‘joy of missing out’ - gave L’Oréal a complete overview of the category which they used to overhaul product and social media strategies.

Cornering the market for Cornerstone

A startup in the crowded men’s grooming sector could not afford to get its launch offering wrong. We ran a series of workshops to build a picture of the entire market. Product and messaging recommendations based on our behaviour insights led to Cornerstone winning ‘Best Razor’ at the annual Men’s Grooming Awards in its launch year. It now has 170,000 subscribers.

Dettol gets cool

Our insights showed 75 per cent of people in India wash in cold water, but desire an invigorating routine. The answer? Create a bar that lathers up whatever the water temperature, and embed it with caraway seeds to create a luxurious rub. The result? Reckitt Benckiser’s most successful soap bar ever.