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Put your consumers at the heart of every innovation

By starting with the consumer, our insight-led approach unlocks ideas rooted in real needs and motivations.

It means the ideas you come up with are free from bias. It also means they are guaranteed to have a market. With this knowledge, your team will be inspired and aligned in driving them forward.


Identify your objective

We work out which type of innovation you need: protect, grow or transform. Then we identify your target consumer, the required behaviour change and any signals of change in the market. It’s also important to acknowledge possible obstacles to success, which could be anything from factory capabilities to internal politics or budget availability.

Prove commercial viability

Now we build the business case. We demonstrate competitive advantage, consumer appeal and fit with your brand. We confirm how feasible and profitable it will be for your company.

Focus on the right insights

This is about looking in the right places, in the right way. We gather data that’s as varied as possible, and cut through it to find out what inspires behaviour change. This allows you to select the winning insights with confidence.

Motivate action

It’s crucial we engage stakeholders so that they help us turn the proposition into reality. We set out our strategy for seeing the concept through to launch, ensuring the key elements stay in tact. We also confirm that there is adequate investment to drive behavioural change.

How we do it:

Focus Decide if impact needs to be incremental or game-changing. Identify gaps in your knowledge. Reframe the business question in the consumers’ world. Align stakeholders behind the vision for success
Immerse Take a fresh look at what might seem obvious: gather clues from immersion in the consumers’ world, experts on the category fringes, and millions of online comments and reviews using our StarMaker tool
Reveal Take this knowledge and use it to break apart preconceptions about consumers. Uncover true insight into their hidden, unmet needs and desires - from small changes in behaviour to emerging new category paradigms
Exploit Deploy these insights to create commercial opportunities via disruptive new products, services and communications

“Working with Happen allowed me to step change FOTM’s performance, role within the food group and strategy. We have been the most successful category in Foods over the past 2 years and our approach and strategy is held in high regards amongst the senior leadership team in M&S.”

Trading Manager, Food on the Move


“We all found working with Happen very pleasant and fruitful. They were able to mix two key ingredients, which are important when a company is designing its future: vision and a pragmatic sense of getting things done. The final recipe tasted of profitable success!”

RD&Q Strategy, Portfolio Management & Education Director


“It’s been a pleasure working with Happen. Their solution to our brief was built on actionable insights and the research they provided gave us the knowledge we needed to design packaging that stands out from the crowd. No longer is our product confusing to fitness fanatics or daunting to those new to exercise. Consumers know exactly what they’re buying and why to buy it. Who knew innovation research could be so much fun?!”

Managing Director

For Goodness Shakes

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