Innovate and get to market faster using existing assets

Your factories are full of innovation potential, we identify exactly how to harness it

We uncover the unexpected innovation possibilities that already exist in your factories. Asset Out identifies opportunities for new products and turns them into new revenue. Since there’s no need to invest in new technology or infrastructure, you can move quickly to product launch.


The Benefits:

Create short term pipelines easily by selecting product feature options from our catalogue
Create a framework for technical & marketing teams to build ideas together
Ramp up to a profitable scale faster
Generate reams of exciting ideas within your timeline & CapEx constraints
Launch products that generate profits from their first year

"The supply chain ideas actually improved the quality of the innovation sessions. I had never attended an innovation session in the past where we actually ended up with a product on the market. From this piece of work, we’ve got three products out there, one of which – B.O.B Milk – is probably the most successful NPD launch we’ve ever had in the UK. That’s pretty impressive.”

Head of Product Technology Development

Arla Foods

“When we come up with concepts from Asset-Out, they’re in the realms of things we know we can do, and that we can move forward with quickly. We can get a wider range of ideas to market faster. Through the collaboration that we’ve had with Happen, we now have a much stronger innovation funnel of products that we will launch close to the core, and that’s exactly what we wanted.”

VP, Chocolate R&D


“We came up with a whole range of concepts based on practical things that we can do. We prioritised three to five concepts for immediate action and there are some longer-term experiments too. The next step is experimenting to see what could impact this flavour or that colour. The process itself might be interesting and lead to the type of story consumers could tell in bars too, which helps us think about where we can take the brand.”

Marketing Manager


Ideal for: companies looking for instant product innovation.

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