A new look for For Goodness Shakes

How do you stand out in a booming market? Our insights showed consumers saw For Goodness Shakes as niche, and the choices and packaging confusing – so what could be done to increase stand out at shelf?


Made by athletes for athletes, For Goodness Shakes offer a range of ready-to-drink protein shakes. When the brand first launched it was a pioneer, but in the decade since there has been an explosion of competition in the health and fitness sector. For Goodness Shakes wanted to understand how it was seen by today’s consumers, and how it could once again set itself apart, to make sure it continued to stand out from the crowd.

To understand their target market, we ran creative groups with consumers recruited in friendship pairs. In each pair, one friend was already a user of protein drinks, and the other was not. We looked at how protein drinks fit into people’s lives, their perceptions of different brands, and their knowledge and feelings about the benefits of protein.

Our insight showed that For Goodness Shakes had drifted from its roots and consumers less engaged with sport and fitness, were concerned the drink might not be for them. The brand positioning and product’s packaging were daunting and confusing, leaving consumers unsure which one to pick, and in some cases, where to start at shelf.

Their brand positioning, based on everyday athletes, is now underpinned by consumer and shopper insights that allow them to make informed choices about where to head next. The first of these next moves is with the release of their updated bottle designs in store today.

"It’s been a pleasure working with Happen. Their solution to our brief was built on actionable insights and the research they provided gave us the knowledge we needed to design packaging that stands out from the crowd. No longer is our product confusing to fitness fanatics or daunting to those new to exercise. Consumers know exactly what they’re buying and why to buy it. Who knew innovation research could be so much fun?!”

Alex Brooks, Managing Director, For Goodness Shakes.