Innovation in Action: March

Custom is key this month, with brands providing services and products that fulfil unmet and highly specific needs.

Amo Petric, for instance, is the skincare brand for dogs you never knew you needed, with products targeting problem areas. Keep helps cannabis users store their stash securely, in clear sight, with biometric technology that keeps it under lock and key inside sleek packaging. Specialised services are also focussing on how to make the public’s lives more sustainable, from Hydraloop’s water recycling technology for homes, businesses and hotels,to Grainsense, a tool that helps farmers save time, money and resources. Elsewhere, Asos is using augmented reality to help consumers see themselves in new clothing before they buy –whatever their dress size. And Foreo’s sonic cleansing brush comes with custom instructions via an app. It’s clear that personalisation is being deployed faster than ever before, whether a category is established or emerging.

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