Food Matters Live

This year, Happen had the pleasure of taking the stage not once but twice at the international food event, Food Matters Live. Connecting like-minded people working in food, drink and nutrition, the events provide a platform to share game-changing ideas, innovations and insights. Take a look at a snapshot of the insights we shared below.


Dining out: mainstreaming healthy eating. Suzanne Robinson, Happen UK Managing Director

Is healthy eating finally becoming a mainstream trend rather than something for a minority of the population? This session will explore how consumers’ choices while dining out are influenced by a desire to eat healthy food from transparent and sustainable sources and how restaurants are responding. How does consumer behaviour differ between generations and geographical locations, and what could or should restaurants be doing to influence healthy choices amongst their customers?


From niche to standard, what’s the driving the change in dietary alternatives? Mark Cowan, Happen Co-founder

Using StarMaker analytics, Happen will explore how are consumers talking about FreeFrom and what’s driving the change behind the switch from a dietary requirements to consumer lifestyle?

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