Innovation in Action September

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This month we are seeing a keen focus on ingredients and their origins, from Persian non-alcoholic spirits to cork containers that hail from rewilding Portuguese forests. Providing these specifics implicitly drives home the natural goodness of the ingredients, while imbuing the products with a sense of storytelling. We can see this across retailers – from Lidl’s mainstream Wagyu beef, to UK-grown hemp for startup Nooro’s CBD snacks.

Elsewhere, plastic-free reaches more supermarkets and the chewing gum industry. Plant-based continues to soar with All Plants piloting public self-serve freezer meals and Quorn launching a range of sandwiches. On-the-go retailers are already attributing sales growth to their expanding vegan options, according to a Guardian article this week, with 64% and 55% of Leon’s sales down to vegetarian and vegan meals respectively.

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