The factory floor: seedbed of innovation.

Innovation can be a slow, costly, hit-and-miss business. So if you want to get your innovations to market faster, with lower CapEx and better odds of success, you’re not alone.

In the past few years Happen has helped a number of major companies achieve these goals. How? By turning usual innovation methods on their head, and looking at the challenge in a brand new way.

Asset Out is about creating new ideas with the assets your factory already has. It also means that if you want to go beyond what your factory can make, you can do it in a very controlled way. Our approach brings together the voices of technology, operations and consumer, tapping into the unrealised innovation capabilities hidden in your factories, turning them into new revenue opportunities.

Asset Out can breathe new life into underutilised assets, create new products at low CapEx and help plan R&D investments well ahead of consumer demand.

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Asset out in action

When we come up with concepts from Asset-Out, they’re in the realms of things we know we can do, and that we can move forward with quite quickly. So we can get a wider range of ideas to market faster. Through the collaboration that we’ve had over the last 18 to 24 months with Happen, we now have a much stronger innovation funnel of products that we will launch close to the core, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Wilbur Strickland, VP, Chocolate R&D, Mondelez

Businesses already enjoying increased success rates with Asset Out

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