Your factories are full of innovation potential. We identify exactly how to harness it.

With Asset-Out, we come up with ideas for innovative new products based on capabilities already at your disposal. It means you can innovate, manufacture and get to market fast – with no new investment necessary.

Asset-Out innovation benefits:

  • Create short term pipelines easily – just pick from our catalogue of product options
  • Create a framework for technical & marketing teams to build ideas together
  • Generate reams of exciting ideas within your timeline and CapEx constraints
  • Ignite your team to innovate further
  • Launch products that generate profits from their first year

Asset out in action

When we come up with concepts from Asset-Out, they’re in the realms of things we know we can do, and that we can move forward with quite quickly. So we can get a wider range of ideas to market faster. Through the collaboration that we’ve had over the last 18 to 24 months with Happen, we now have a much stronger innovation funnel of products that we will launch close to the core, and that’s exactly what we wanted.

Vice President, Chocolate R&D, Mondelez

Businesses already enjoying increased success rates with Asset Out

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