Location: Amsterdam, Speciality: Insight

Ruth Rexwinkel

Data Scientist

Clear-thinking, clear-talking – Ruth brings her sharp mind and clarity of vision to everything she does.

About Ruth:

  • Ruth joined Winkle in June 2012. After being immersed in the world of fundamental research for several years she decided that it was time to switch to more applied research. She was immediately attracted by the creative and innovative ways in which Winkle deals with human behavior and loves to use her knowledge and skills to answer marketing questions. She attained her bachelor’s and research master’s degree in social psychology
  • Besides work, Ruth loves to cook, read, and spend time with her fiancée, family, friends, and two cats

Previous incarnations:

  • PhD. Candidate Leiden University
  • Research Assistant Melbourne Business School, Australia
  • Student Assistant Leiden University
  • Trainer Health Information Services Altrecht

Guiding belief:

  • Dare to be different!