Location: Amsterdam, Speciality: NPD/ EPD

Julian Kievit

NPD Project Director

Julian has had a deep fascination for IT since the early days of the internet. A cool, creative problem-solver, Julian loves to be there at the birth of an idea.

About Julian:

  • Julian is an IT professional with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. During this time he has worked on two continents and fulfilled a variety roles – from designing, building and maintaining systems, to managing projects and consulting on systems architecture and online strategy
  • Internet development has been his speciality since the mid 90s, when it was still considered an achievement to get a Mosaic browser to display ‘hello world’ next to an arbitrary bank balance coerced from a legacy CICS Cobol system (online banking FTW!). He has since been involved in building anything from flight information display systems to content-managed websites
  • With a number of projects at Millward Brown under the belt, together with experience in email and online survey systems, he is quite at home plying his trade in the world of market research, and currently spends most of his time as member of the Winkle NPD team, tasked with process automation and overseeing the development of various tools and applications
  • In a previous life he was an aspiring musician and still likes to play guitar as creative outlet and problem solving inspiration

Previous incarnations:

  • Owner, Torogrande
  • Co-founder, ArtUnbounded
  • CTO/Partner, Hotheads Holding
  • Guiding belief:
  • Understanding the problem is half the solution