Location: London, Speciality: Insight

Christelle Pradhan

Account Director Europe

Provides a vivid insight into consumers, helping to change how businesses think.

About Christelle:

  • Christelle fell into research quite early on at university where she has always been intrigued by the link between economics and sociology – can we really predict behaviors? Is there a rational homo economicus out there? After a decade working with black box models on equity, advertising and innovation, she decided that the only rationale out there is provided by the understanding of a wider business context – no need for complex equations, just listening and “interpreting” consumers in different ways. She applied this client side, working locally at LÓreal and globally at Reckitt Benckiser and continues to do so with all her enthusiasm here at Winkle
  • Christelle is a business major with a US master's degree in market research specialized in multivariate analysis. When not working, Christelle is happily strolling with her 3 boys around London!

Previous incarnations:

  • Global Consumer Insight Manager, Reckitt Benckiser
  • Market Research Manager, LÓreal
  • Research Manager, Ipsos ASI
  • Global Ad Hoc Executive, ACNielsen

Guiding belief:

  • Great ideas come from listening carefully, great results from lots of enthusiasm!