Location: London, Speciality: Strategy

Ben Chatfield

Happen Associate

Ben Chatfield combines passion with intelligent ideas and pertinent storytelling. A strong communicator and presenter with natural drive and infectious enthusiasm, Ben works best at the hub, or fulcrum, of any driven group, be they clients or collaborators.

Ben's previous employment within London's leading advertising agencies, as Managing and Creative Director of his own agency 'Oscar Mike', plus further creative communications for luxury and high profile brands, from Hermès to Coca-Cola, have instilled a powerful ability to bolster fresh and progressive thinking across a variety of channels.

As happen's first associate Ben has remained involved from the very beginning and as ‘Creative Spark’ he enjoys working with new brands to push boundaries and shake things up a little. With strong strategic and creative achievements borne out of a research-focused background, Ben loves to bring people together behind a project, exacting change and creating a positive working atmosphere.