Location: London, Speciality: Insight

Richard Fifield

Chief Financial Officer

There ‘ain't no mountain high enough’- whether it’s proving to his daughters he can play rock guitar, or helping entrepreneurs make crucial decisions, Richard makes it happen with fearless enthusiasm.


BSc Geography
Chartered Accountant
Chief Executives Office, Executive Coach
Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Previous incarnations:

Non Executive Director, Interregnum PLC (Technology VC)
Corporate Finance Director, RSM Tenon PLC
Head of Outsourcing, RSM Tenon PLC
Partner, Realise Capital Partners LLP

Guiding belief:

There’s no such thing as the “no win scenario”


Working with smart entrepreneurs – channeling their passion and enthusiasm into value for their business
Mountain biking in the ‘mountains’ of Surrey, England
Proving to his daughters that he can play rock guitar

Proudest of:

Playing his part in an international team here at Happen
Winning new clients on the recommendation of current clients
Watching his children grow independent and successful in a challenging world