Client: Standard Innovation Corporation


The #1 and most advanced and ergonomic couples vibrator rooted in expert and consumer insight


Standard Innovation was launching the 4th iteration of their flagship product, the We-Vibe on the market in late 2013. As it accounted for 90% of their business, there was no room for error in how it was designed to fit consumers, positioned amongst current SKUs and communicated to trade and consumers.


In revealing consumers' sexual IQ, usage, behaviours and perceptions, Happen revealed demands for ergonomic design and line optimizations along with an opportunity to position the new generation product as premium within the portfolio and reduce the number of SKUs to satisfy all needs of the market.


The #1 and most advanced and ergonomic couples vibrator rooted in expert and consumer insight. Prioritization of new generation against existing SKUs. A redefinition of “proper fit” for all body types. Heightened stimulation and pleasure. Launch of a brand new colour.

Personal Care


Happen have been a valuable innovation partner for us, and working with them has been a breath of fresh air. Bright, inquisitive minds, a great work ethic and a keen sense of urgency all bundled with lovely and personable team members. We're looking forward to continuing our great partnership in the years to come.

Lorraine Byerley

Past VP Marketing

Standard Innovation Corporation

Industry Personal Care

Happen's perspective

Standard Innovation proves that focused incremental innovation on a core offering can unlock opportunities to reach new users AND drive existing users to upgrade.

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