Goldenfry FMCG Innovation

Client: Tesco

Tesco partner Goldenfry Foods

Connecting a global retail powerhouse with a new partner to break new category ground


In a deeply segmented market which lacked category direction Tesco asked Goldenfry Foods to help them devise a strategy to completely renew the stuffing category.

What we did

We devised a process that incorporated shopper and consumer insight and enabled Tesco and Goldenfry to work collaboratively to create a new vision and four key innovations for the category.


The work doubled the category revenue and repositioned Goldenfry as a category leader in the eyes of Tesco.


Category vision

Taking this approach was like a road to Damascus moment. We realized we had been approaching the category in a way which was not in line with our customers’ needs.

Steve Childs

Category Technical Director


Industry Retail

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