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Bringing a fresh perspective to the Tesco.com customer journey


Tesco wanted to understand how to expand the awareness of their General Merchandise category across the Tesco portfolio. GM categories were under-indexing with grocery channel customers and our challenge was to understand GM customer needs and how to better connect with them digitally and in store.

What we did

We approached the challenge from lots of different angles to allow us to get a true picture of the customer journey and to understand their perception of quality and freshness both in-store and when they ordered their groceries online.
We carried out a variety of immersions; from expert interviews, in-store visits and overseeing the job of the online pickers, as well as accompanying delivery drivers to see each touch point of how quality and freshness was perceived at every stage in the process.
We also observed how online customers behaved by visiting them at home before, during and after they had picked, ordered and taken delivery of their groceries, as well as discovering more about cooking habits and meal planning. This granular level of detail led us to uncover some surprising and actionable insights.

Tesco - Happen Innovation Agency


We revealed just how important a role Tesco plays in the day-to-day lives of their customers – if the produce isn’t up to the customer standard, it will affect the whole experience.

Tesco also changed its messaging on delivery vans to reflect the freshness angle, ‘freshly clicked’, and revamped the imagery and tone of voice on its website to highlight the quality and freshness standard its customers expect.

Retail innovation

Brand activation

What made working with Happen so rewarding was their ability to bring a cross-functional Tesco team on the journey from customer insight through to in-store executional ideas. Happen guided us at every step on how to best do this by generating excellent shared ideas and helping us to build a cross-functional momentum to deliver them.

Joe Tinston

Programme Manager General Merchandise


Industry Retail

Happen's perspective

It's remarkable how on the one hand, the online and offline retail environment are completely different shopping experiences. But when you peel back the layers of how shoppers make decisions, you find some amazing parallels underneath, which probably are still the same as how people plucked fruits from trees in the stone age!

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