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Founded by 2 explorers in 1991 Quark pioneered the polar travel market, creating a new sector and becoming world leaders. But by 2009 occupancy was slipping and they were haemorrhaging money as copycat competition came into the market.


We devised an innovative way of collaborating with geographically diverse groups of customers to co-create new offers (such as visiting both poles within a year) which helped Quark to re-establish its leadership and premium positioning.

Quark Expeditions - Happen Innovation Agency


A record Antarctica travel season 2011-2012; 97% average occupancy across Quark’s ships.



Our project ICE (Insights, Consumer needs, Essence) with Happen increased the understanding, knowledge and creativity within the Quark team, that led to a record Antarctica travel season for Quark in 2011-2012, with an average occupancy across our ships of 97%.

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Quark Expeditions

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"Travelling to the North & South Poles, not something we were aware of as mass market destinations. The numbers are in fact substantial. Working with the Quark team we went right back to the origins of Arctic tourism to understand what drove people there in the first place, and why they were no longer choosing Quark to travel there. We uncovered countless insights throughout the customer journey, from booking to travel to aftersales, all rich territories for Quark’s Expedition and Marketing teams. Not only for ways to offer outstanding, differentiated holidays, but also to re-think what their brand purpose really is." Costa Papaikonomou, Founding Partner

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