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Client: Peijnenburg

Breakfast & Snacking Portfolio

Creating an appetite for growth and diversification in and out of the biscuit aisle


Back in 2010 the team at Royal Dutch Peijnenburg decided to embark on an ambitious agenda of differentiation and growth, to battle strong competition from private label on their home turf: Dutch gingerbread (ontbijtkoek).

What we did

We helped move them out of a very particular occasion, the ‘morning coffee break’ and into different products that were all based on the same format/using the same technology/type of cake but for different moments of the day, particularly at breakfast and as a ‘meal bridger’.

We were also able to help them simplify their portfolio, moving from a big wall of products to a focus on two brands that were more occasion based. This also helped them to stretch into new aisles in the supermarket.

Peijnenburg FMCG Innovation


A complete revamp of the ginger-bread aisle, with more distinct and premium propositions. But also successfully extending Peijnenburg into new aisles, from breakfast products and kids’ treats to sports foods, and even opening up the petrol station channel. The most recent success from this work is Peijnenburg Zero. The first gingerbread without added sugar and 100% taste. Within months after launch, 100% Zero has become the third best rotating SKU in the Royal Peijnenburg assortment.

Food innovation


Working with Happen and Winkle was a pleasant and cooperative process which resulted in a large number of relevant concept and NPD project and more importantly, a lot of internal commitment. As a result of the cooperation our 130 year old brand is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Rene Groen

General Manager

Royal Peijnenburg

Industry FMCG

Happen's perspective

Together with the amazing team at Royal Peijnenburg we developed a large number of concepts for ‘Ontbijtkoek’, which is a Dutch traditional gingerbread. Based on strong consumer insights, all tested above the benchmarks. Royal Peijnenburg now has a rich NPD portfolio, with concepts ready for introduction that have the potential to enlarge the category, add value and add new consumption moments.

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