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Client: Omega Pharma

Hay fever

Helping to understand shopper behaviour and drive category growth


Omega Pharma wanted to position themselves as leaders in the hay fever category, both in the eyes of shoppers and retailers.
We worked with Omega Pharma to understand consumer and shopper behaviour in the hay fever category and how to drive category growth over the next few years.

What we did

Using our collaborative, insight-led process, we delved into the world of hay fever to uncover a number of highly impactful shopper insights, capable of driving fresh growth in the category. We worked collaboratively with the retailers to develop category strategy for 2016 and beyond.

Beconase innovation


An actionable set of shopper insights and a number of highly impactful ideas to help drive category growth in 2016


Brand activation

Having worked with Happen previously on some new product launches I was excited to see what they could do with a more established category for us. They didn’t disappoint and really helping us to understand the shopper in greater detail and inspiring our plans for the future. The process of working with them has given us greater focus and through their unique approach to insights we have been able to engage the trade with these opportunities too.

Clare Denham

Commercial Strategy Controller

Omega Pharma

Industry Health care

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