Client: Odense ZOO

Odense ZOO growth strategy

A feasible innovation pipeline of strengthen to stretch concepts in-line with the zoo’s strategic growth business ambitions and anchored by visitor insights


Odense ZOO tasked Happen with the creation of a pipeline of ideas that appealed to both consumers and local funding bodies


Happen worked collaboratively with the Odense Zoo team to understand their consumer triggers and barriers and re-evaluate their competitive set. This allowed us to re-focus their innovation efforts around these uncovered consumer needs, rather than new animal exhibits.


A feasible innovation pipeline to stretch concepts in-line with the zoo’s strategic growth business ambitions, anchored by visitor insights.



It’s been fabulous working with Happen. We covered a lot of ground; completed lots of consumer immersions, came up with tonnes of ideas and ended up with some really exciting concepts for us to progress with. The focus throughout the project was on consumer needs over animals, which has been really interesting for us to unlock.

Jens Odgaard Olsson


Odense ZOO

Odense ZOO

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Happen's perspective

This was a fantastic project where we really needed to get to the heart of the consumer experience at Odense ZOO by working closely with the team on site and following the visitor journey. Surprisingly what we uncovered was that the visitors most valued their family time at the zoo, rather than focusing on the animals, and so we worked on a range of capex innovation solutions to repurpose their existing assets.

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