Mondelez powdered beverage innovation

Client: Mondelez

Tang & Clight NPD

By harnessing our asset-out framework, we were able to help bring fresh perspective and opportunities to Tang & Clight's product and packaging production process which was previously seen as limited and constrained


The main challenge was to re-invigorate the powdered beverage category while retaining the core benefits of the products to the consumer – low cost, high volume product. Mondelez needed to create the next generation of products that rivalled their soft drink competitors – in terms of taste, mouth feel and fun – without straying from the simple production and consumption processes.

What we did

We worked collaboratively with Mondelez's Global Powered Beverages team to develop a strong pipeline of new concepts for their Tang & Clight brands. Following our asset-out methodology, we created a set of robust building blocks which opened up a whole host of new product and packaging opportunities within a constrained and previously considered limiting production process.

By collaborating closely with R&D and jointly interrogating their manufacturing line, we were able to identify short and long-term opportunities which could both strengthen the Tang & Clight base and renovation lines all within the existing production capabilities.

Mondelez powdered beverages innovation


55 new features were identified across product and packaging for short, medium and long-term implementation. 12 concepts were developed for further testing and pipeline development.

Drink innovation

Asset out innovation

This is our first robust global innovation journey for the whole portfolio and in which we found to be a strong and rich experience. Happen brought a fresh view to the category and manufacturing process with feasibility the 'name of the game' driven by solid building blocks.

Global Innovation Director - Beverages

Mondelez International

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Happen's perspective

“It was fantastic to work with the global Mondelez team; their energy, enthusiasm and open mindedness allowed us to work collaboratively to unlock an array of new ideas within a narrow process. Charlotte Nicholson

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