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Meritene healthcare innovation

How to launch a new brand in a new category to new consumers. Happen helped Nestle Health Sciences to position a new range of nutritional products for launch in the UK.


Nestle Health Sciences asked us to help re-position Meritene, a popular, innovative, healthcare range of nutritional soups and shakes, for launch into the UK market. Our job was to reimagine the brand to appeal to 55+ UK baby-boomers, rather than Meritene’s traditionally older customer profile in mainland Europe.


Our focus began by understanding the lifestyle context for this age cohort, identifying their growing needs as active seniors. Our insights helped the team to unlock a fresh gap in the market for products to support health and vitality in later years. We helped Nestle Health Sciences to position this range of tasty products in a way that rethought the category with a confident brand message around ‘healthy ageing’.

We worked collaboratively with retailers as well as target consumers - on category naming, shelf displays and location, to create a tremendously impactful in-store launch activation, bringing the brand to life on-shelf.

Nestle Health Science MeriteneNestle Health Science Meritene


In January 2017, six new Meritene products went into Boots stores nationwide, with major distribution.


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Happen's perspective

It was great to work collaboratively with Nestle Health Sciences and major retailers to build an activation story around healthy ageing and active nutrition. I am really excited about where this category can grow.

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