Kiwi shoes innovation

Client: Kiwi Shoe Care

Takkie Brite


For years the Sara Lee Kiwi team had tried to craft a proposition that would allow them to broaden leather shoe care into sneakers and casual shoes, the main area of growth for European & US shoe markets. The technology existed, but Western consumers showed no interest.

What we did

As part of a wider initiative we undertook to uncover insights in shoe care across the globe, we found that in central African markets a very particular sweet spot emerged. Pedestrian societies, high value of shoes, importance of a groomed appearance and last but not least: the need to clean with very little water.

kiwi shoes innovation


Kiwi Takkie Brite was first launched in Kenya in 2008, a gel-based reformulation of the original cleaning agent. It proved to be the perfect route into a new category, reinforcing Kiwi’s leadership in shoe care and foothold in African markets.

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