Desperados Dos innovation

Client: Heineken

Heineken drink innovation: Desperados Dos

When you’re trying to understand a purchase decision, it's not just the consumer and the product that you need to get a handle on – it's also the moment in which the decision is made.


Working with Heineken, we focused in on that point in a night where the mood steps up a gear, being out becomes being ‘out out’ and tastes switch to more up tempo drinks to reflect that journey into the unknown!
We worked with the Desperados team to create an idea for a drink that was just right for that switch up moment. As a beer, we had to operate beyond our constraints to create something that stood out and worked alongside those shorter, stronger drinks that are the more obvious higher energy options when the party really starts.

What we did

To understand the up-tempo energy, we spent time in the moment when the decisions to go ‘out out’ are made. We focused on spending time with guys aged 19-24 across the UK, understanding the codes of Friday and Saturday nights out, unpicking the moments and language that mattered to them. We unlocked the magic and edginess of Mexico, discovered new stories around tequila and developed a creative platform that led to a stream of exciting and fresh opportunities.

Desperados Dos innovation


Desperados Dos, a light and dark tequila-flavoured beer launches with a multi million investment this month. Two different tequilas in a drink lends itself to the idea of “light and dark” adding a touch of mystery and edge, while the focus on different varieties of tequila opens everyone up to a sense of discovery.

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Thank you so much to Happen for all your hard work, and pushing the envelope to inject creativity. I don’t think we would have had a better agency for this project and am really excited about the outputs

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Happen's perspective

This was a real team effort, marketing, innovation, trade and design all working together to create something new and exciting that genuinely challenges the norms of the beer category. We are excited to see where it goes next!

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