Blind Pig

Client: Heineken

Heineken drink innovation: Blind Pig cider

To create this hit new cider brand, we had to start by tearing up the rule book


Heineken approached Happen to look into the consumer motivations behind drinking beer and cider. They wanted to know more about what made UK consumers choose these drinks, and to understand the occasions and settings in which people consume them.

For British drinkers, cider has a very particular set of associations that have held true for a long time: it’s a summery, outdoorsy, daytime drink. But the rise of fruit-flavoured bottled ciders had shown that change was possible in the category, and Heineken wanted to go further.

What we did

We wondered how we could attract consumers to drink it at other occasions – and to pay a bit more for a premium product. We saw an opportunity to make cider more grown-up, edgier, and to take it from the summer picnic table setting to night-time bars.

To create a new drink innovation cider brand, we decided to seek inspiration from overseas cider traditions, which were less weighed down by traditional associations and expectations than British cider.

The concept we settled on in the end was rooted in the prohibition era in the United States and the underground drinking dens of Chicago, known as ‘speakeasies’ or ‘blind pigs’. Blind Pig cider was born.

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Blind Pig Heineken innovationBlind Pig


Blind Pig initially launched in a small number of high-end establishments, and now more widely. It has recently launched in shops and off licences too. Blind Pig has enabled Heineken to break the rules of the cider market, reaching new drinkers, new settings, new occasions, and creating new value.

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Happen's perspective

When a big, long-established corporation with countless brands to its name throws its weight behind a completely new brand concept, you know you’re on to something. Sure enough, we had great fun working so closely with the Heineken team on this rebellious drink which has had a successful launch.

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