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Client: Marks and Spencer

M&S Half and Half

No half measures when it comes to innovating in the M&S bakery aisle


M&S needed innovation and a new category vision in their bakery offer.

What we did

We undertook in-depth customer ethnography and shop-alongs as well as recruiting and running a lead user community for six weeks, teasing out insights and co-creating solutions. Amongst lots of key insights we found that customers from multi-person households wanted to eat different types of bread but didn’t want to buy multiple loaves and then waste it… which is where the Half & Half loaf comes in.

M&S half and half loaf


Half and half bread is one of the most successful launches in the M&S bakery category, driving sales, footfall and margin.

Food innovation


One of the most successful lines we launched in bakery in the last year. Customers loved it and they thought it was very innovative by tapping into a latent need.

Chris Seaby

Product Developer

Marks & Spencer


Industry FMCG

Happen's perspective

We worked closely with Marks & Spencer's Technology, Operations and Marketing teams to make what was considered technically difficult at a factory level happen.

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