Client: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity NYC

A strategic plan consisting of 5-year goals, strategies & tactics with success metrics


Habitat for Humanity NYC had a big goal: create Vision, Mission and Values to propel the organization’s leadership and activities through 2020. To achieve this, they needed a partner that could quickly understand the many complexities of working with a mission-based organization in a tough real estate environment


Happen was chosen because of our streamlined and inclusive approach. By immersing ourselves in the internal operations and analyzing external influences, we unearthed critical issues and themes. Addressing these through our collaborative and constructive method resulted in a Vision, Mission, Values and Strategic Roadmap that galvanized the board, leadership team and entire organization


A strategic plan consisting of Crystalized Vision, Mission and Values. 5-year goals, strategies & tactics with success metrics. A challenging yet achievable goal to Build and Preserve 500 homes by 2020.



Happen was instrumental in helping Habitat for Humanity NYC create a successful and relevant five-year strategic plan. We were impressed by their innovative approach, professionalism and commitment.

Alex Havriliak


Habitat For Humanity NYC

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Happen's perspective

Our work with Habitat For Humanity proved that bringing in the right voices and stakeholders at the forefront of an initiative leads to ideas and a vision that an entire organization is excited to stand behind.

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