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For Goodness Shakes

How we helped For Goodness Shakes stand out in the crowded market for protein drinks


Made by athletes for athletes, For Goodness Shakes has a range of ready-to-drink protein shakes. When the brand first launched it was a pioneer, but in the decade since there has been an explosion of competing protein drinks and other protein-rich products riding the wave of the health and fitness trend, and sports nutrition is no longer seen as being just for hardcore gym bunnies and fitness fanatics.
To benefit from the immense growth in the market, For Goodness Shakes needed to make sure it continued to stand out from the crowd – as simply being a protein drink is no longer enough. The brand wanted to understand how it was seen by today’s consumers, and how it could once again set itself apart.

What we did

We started by running creative groups with consumers recruited in friendship pairs. In each pair, one friend was already a user of protein drinks, and the other was not. We looked at how protein drinks fit into people’s lives, their perceptions of different brands, and their knowledge and feelings about the benefits of protein.
We discovered that the For Goodness Shakes brand was perceived to have drifted from its roots of being for “everyday athletes”. Consumers who were less engaged with sport and fitness were concerned that For Goodness Shakes might not be for them. They found the product’s packaging, and the sheer number of variations available, a little daunting and confusing. People weren’t sure which one to pick, and some felt put-off by the scientific jargon on the pack.

For Goodness ShakesFor Goodness Shakes


On the basis of our work, For Goodness Shakes is renewing its positioning, packaging and communications. The brand is in the process of updating its packaging to target a broader range of consumers and to clarify the differences between its products. In its communications, For Goodness Shakes has sharpened its focus on “everyday athletes” rather than professionals. Its latest social media campaign champions ordinary people doing extraordinary things, with the message: “If they can, you can”. The brand has also become a sponsor of Tough Mudder , appealing to ordinary people who want to push themselves a little harder.

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Getting to the truth is sometimes a challenge in research. But Happen’s creative solutions built on solid principles has given us a real wealth of knowledge and actionable insight. It’s been a pleasure working with their team. Who knew innovation research could be such fun?!

Alex Brooks

Managing Director

For Goodness Shakes

For Goodness Shakes

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Happen's perspective

Thanks to our work, For Goodness Shakes now has a clear vision of where it fits into the crowded market for protein drinks, and what it can do to continue growing and strengthening its brand.

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