Dettol natural soap FMCG Innovation

Client: Reckitt Benckiser

Dettol Personal Care

Helping Dettol understand the wants of consumers in emerging markets


Dettol wanted to grow their personal care business by developing a wider relevance and broader number of users in emerging markets where the brand already had strong family credentials.

What we did

We uncovered a core insight that in emerging markets where consumers are developing new personal care routines, they want the products they use to be kind to their skin and be derived from traditional ingredients they recognise and grew up with to reassure them of their efficacy.

dettol natural soap FMCG Innovation


The opportunity resulted in Dettol Naturals - a range of shower gels using ingredients like Neem which consumers recognise. This has already achieved 3% market share in the highly competitive and crowded Thai market (its lead launch market)

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