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Client: Marks & Spencer

M&S Deli

Generating fresh ideas to stand out from the summertime snacking competition.


M&S wanted to create a fresh vision for its Deli category which would help to identify it as the stand-out deli food retailer and leaders in product development.

What we did

Firstly, we discovered a fresh, inspiring language around summertime eating: ‘Nibbles’ became the defacto M&S signature for great deli food. The supporting summertime insights pointed towards more occasions to package up food and drink deals beyond the brand’s ‘Dine In’ deal.

Marks & Spencer Deli - Happen Innovation Agency


Three years on, M&S Deli has launched over 70 new lines, including a complete redesign of packaging and supporting M&S communication. The stand-out offer from the past two years has been the Tapas meal deal including a bottle of wine.

Food innovation


Sales over the summer were phenomenal. If you compared Deli to all other summer peaking categories, it outperformed them all.

Julia Bradley

Product Developer

Marks & Spencer


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Happen's perspective

Working with M&S is a refreshing and exciting experience and it is always fantastic to see products we help develop on shelf so quickly.

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