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With more clothes than ever and a lesser need for regular ‘deep cleans’, washing habits have evolved, as has the understanding of the effects of hard water. Calgon wanted to explore this to allow them to identify compelling insights to build a new Calgon 2-in-1 positioning.

What we did

By undertaking a combination of interviews, home visits, case studies and setting up an online community, we explored consumers’ attitudes and understanding. From their kitchen and cleaning to what hard water is, we found that there is an intrinsic set of associations and mythology around the role and workings of a washing machine.

Calgon FMCG Innovation


Happen tapped into the newer behaviours around shorter and cooler washes to inform the Calgon positioning, which resulted in the best Calgon EPD result in recent BASES testing.

Home care


Project Dirtbag enabled us to really scratch beneath the French understanding of laundry habits and a possible role for water softening and group all the relevant feedback into buckets of useful consumer insight. The piece was seminal in the strong qualification of a key upcoming launch in our pipeline on Calgon.

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