Client: Revlon

Beauty Tools

Losing share is one thing. Losing relevance is quite another. Revlon needed something that would rewrite perceptions in the fast moving, highly demanding world of beauty tools.


The beauty tools category was becoming a commodity market with no real innovation for a long time. Revlon was struggling to hold onto space in store due to cheaper brands. It was losing share but more importantly it was also losing relevance for today’s consumers.


Happen worked creatively with the Revlon team to reconnect with the core consumer, bring her to life and look for more relevant and fresh insights to rejuvenate the category and help Revlon reclaim brand leadership – functionally and emotionally.

Revlon - Happen Innovation Agency


A fresh new positioning with 20 new product concepts, tailored to the needs of the user with the confident promise of getting salon results.The process created a range of new merchandising ideas to breathe life into this stagnant category which helped Revlon to kick out the competition.

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Industry Personal Care

Happen's perspective

When you look for ways to reinvigorate a commoditising category, you need to go far beyond talking to your regular consumers. You look for lead users, sitting on the fringes of the category, who use its products in a much more critical and demanding way. The Revlon team was totally up for this, which really helped drive its success.

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