Client: Ministry of Sound

Anthems series

Facing dropping CD sales, Ministry of Sound rediscovered their fan base and created the best selling MOS CD ever!


Ministry of Sound were facing dropping sales from CDs, because of the decline of the medium and a growing disconnect from core fans.


Using our collaborative FIRE insight-led innovation process we brought the MOS team back to the heartland of their fan base and provided fresh understanding of how their albums are listened to by different people at different moments.

Minstrey of Sound - Happen Innovation Agency


‘Anthems’ is now MOS’ best selling CD ever (despite the downward spiralling market).



Did you know that over 50% of ideas never make it to market successfully? Happen knows. It knows why and it knows how to change the odds. Now we know too. And we have seen the bottom line effect.

Lohan Presencer


Ministry of Sound Music Group

Industry Entertainment

Happen's perspective

Ministry of Sound Anthems proves that not every innovation idea has to be a game changer, sometimes the simpliest ideas executed well are the key to success

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