How can crowd funding bring the meaning back into business?

Charles Adler, co-founder of the crowd-funding start-up Kickstarter, opened his much-anticipated talk at the recent Hackers on the Runway conference in Paris with a somewhat more downbeat...Read more

What Happens After You Lose On Price?

This is about your bread & butter having become a commodity and you being on your way out of business. This is about pricing having become the only tool you have left to influence your customer’s...Read more

The great Vape debate

Last week we welcomed Pierre Durand, co-founder of The Vape Lab, to the hub for our Inspire session. The Vape Lab, London’s first electronic cigarette-store-cum-coffee-shop, opened its doors in...Read more

Private Label & Branded innovation, adversarial or in harmony?

Innovation in fast moving consumer goods & services – it’s a tough world where the winners take all, right? Let’s start by looking at the world of innovation through the eyes of branded goods...Read more

Embedding an Innovation Culture and Capability

Ticking Outside The Box. The oxymoron known as “innovation process” Paraphrasing Albert Einstein; we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. That paradox sits...Read more