5 top tips to success with FreeFrom

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Pizza Express gets FreeFrom just right

We've all got one. Maybe two? Or maybe you are one? The friend around which all eating out is decided. You aren't looking to be at the centre of it all (in fact quite the opposite), but your options...Read more

The 3D printing hype

The 2014 Gartner Hype Cycle report stated that retail 3D printing has moved up the rankings by an impressive seven positions.  Pretty impressive! The hype around digital 3D printing is being...Read more

Inspire Sessions introduces Gringa Dairy

Last week Happen were lucky enough to welcome Kristen Schnepp from Gringa Dairy to the Hub, who shared with us how she came to make the finest and most delicious Chihuahuas (which, we learnt, is not...Read more

The average life of an innovation team is 2.5 years

Organisations are variously good or bad at innovation. Whether they fit into the former or the latter category, all seem to feel the need from time to time to set up an innovation group that sits...Read more