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Happen is a global innovation agency that enables ambitious brands in the highly crowded and competitive FMCG, Retail and OTC markets to unlock growth through innovation.

Our capability and focus on getting you to innovations that you can launch and that drive in market success is reflected in the results we have achieved for our clients. We are able to do that more consistently and reliably than others because we are the best in the industry at two key things:
Firstly, exposing real consumer frustrations and unmet needs in a way that you can act on and exploiting those insights with pragmatic, commercially viable solutions i.e. ones that consumers love and are competitive, ones that make money, fit with your brand/channel and that you can actually launch and that will do well in market.
We’re able to do this because we have developed a series of proven innovation techniques and proprietary IP that can be tuned and applied to your business context and are totally focused on getting you to innovations that you can launch.
So, whether you are looking to:

  • Protect what you have by staying fresh and continuously relevant to your consumers
  • Grow your share by encouraging your consumers to buy more, attracting new consumers from other brands and categories
  • Transform markets and brands by shaping a future through new categories, products and services

We believe we are ideally placed to assist you.



To transform innovation success rates across the spectrum of innovation - striving for 100%