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On the other side of the planet, Happen in Australia is an integral part of the global family. Established in 2008 and led by the very experienced Martine Barrie, Happen in Sydney is thriving!

Working with top notch clients Happen Australia have successfully delivered on a wide range of projects, using Happen’s full portfolio of services. Some were about uncovering consumer insights that lead to profitable category activation ideas. Some have followed our FIRE programme, from Immersion to Exploit and even beyond, tapping into the global Winkle services for a more integrated innovation approach. Other projects have focussed on teams and people as Martine has brought her unique skills and energy to work in helping teams develop and grow.

Happen® Australia

PO Box 365
Crows Nest
NSW 1585


+61 418 649 931


Martine Barrie


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