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Happen is an innovation agency. We generate value using methodologies with proven success in market. Watch this short animation

Happen - The Innovation Agency
Lurpak Cook’s Range

Successfully raising butter's profile into premium while adapting consumers' new cooking habits

The Lurpak Cook's Range launched with a huge bang- and an exclusivity deal with Tesco, continuing today to add value to the category.


Consumer research: Winkle

Our sister co. Winkle: daring to make consumer research Boldly Simple to speed up decision-making at every step of innovation.

Fire Framework
Fire® Framework

Consumer-Led insight

Our FIRE® framework delivers fresh insight into unmet consumer needs, driving high performance ideas

360 Innovation Approach

Inspiring purposeful creativity

We pride ourselves on approaching all our innovation projects with a holistical 360 degree approach.

We deliver success

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To date we have delivered over $2bn in incremental value for our clients

Spectrum of Innovation
The Spectrum of Innovation

Our expertise spans the full innovation spectrum

We have proven in-market results for incremental, stretch and strengthen innovations

Generation Z
Generation Z Book

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Discover all you need to know on Generation Z - The new kids on the block

The Bread
M&S Half and Half Loaf

A new vision for the bakery aisle

The Half and Half loaf was one of the most successful launches for M&S, driving sales, footfall and margin

Dancing silhouettes
Staying Alive Foundation

Discovering what motivates donors

We found that the most generous donors are successful, entrepreneurial figures. What motivates them as entrepreneurs also motivates them in their charitable activities.

Free Happy Woman Enjoying Nature. Beauty Girl Outdoor.
The pursuit of innovation happiness

Key to innovation success: As incredible innovators at Happen Innovation Agency we think about happiness a lot. Our own...

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Painting reality
Fewer, bigger, better – hitting the innovation sweet spot

Aligning on the innovation outcome The idea of achieving ‘Fewer, Bigger, Better’ innovations is nothing new; it’s a rallying...

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