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Happen is an innovation agency. We generate value using methodologies with proven success in market. Watch this short animation

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M&S food to go
M&S Food on the Move

The Food On The Move category becomes the most successful category in M&S foods in the past two years

A differentiated Food On The Move proposition which reconnected the business with the category and customers, brought to life through product offering, packaging and in-store execution... with staggering results.


Consumer research: Winkle

Our sister co. Winkle: daring to make consumer research Boldly Simple to speed up decision-making at every step of innovation.

Fire Framework
Fire® Framework

Consumer-Led insight

Our FIRE® framework delivers fresh insight into unmet consumer needs, driving high performance ideas

360 Innovation Approach
360 Innovation Approach

Inspiring purposeful creativity

We pride ourselves on approaching all our innovation projects with a holistical 360 degree approach.

We deliver success

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To date we have delivered over $4.2bn in incremental value for our clients

Pansensic Web
Pansensic® big data

Pick up the weak signals of change, by listening to the world around us

A multi-dimensional sentiment analysis tool that uses smart lenses to sift through big data

Generation Z
Generation Z Book

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Discover all you need to know on Generation Z - The new kids on the block

Men's Health vitamins
Men’s Health Vitamin Range

We collaborated with the retailers to develop in-store activation plans for a ‘wow’ launch and 8 SKU's are out now!

We worked collaboratively with Omega Pharma to launch a brand new Men’s Health vitamins range into the UK market.


The combination of unlocking the winning insight that consumers were looking for a product to relieve any cough, and working with the retailers on front of store activation plans, made this an award winning product!

We worked collaboratively with Omega Pharma to launch a new cough brand into the saturated UK market, resulting in the biggest launch across total healthcare in 2014/15.

Taste of London
Taste of London Winter Festival

Here at Happen are we passionate about food and drink innovation. What better way to get inspiration then attending...

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TedX future of food
TEDx Talk: What we eat can shape the future

As food and drink innovation experts we are always plugged into the latest consumer trends and hot topics. We...

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